Tuesday, February 8, 2022

FAQ : CIMCO NC Base for CNC Programmers

When there are multiple CNC Machines & a large number of NC files, it is difficult to manage & control these files. Many times, there are two or more files, with some changes inside. Before you send it to CNC, you need to know if this is the latest version or not.

A simple solution is to install CIMCO-NC Base.
Watch this video. For any queries, contact Digitech Engineers on 7972889960.

What is OPC-UA & how it is used for Machine Monitoring

Friday, February 4, 2022

MDC at Fibro-Chakam

 CIMCO MDC installation in Fibro India Precision, Chakan

Fischer-Brodbeck GmbH (FIBRO) was founded in Weinsberg in 1958 and since 1974 has been part of the L├Ąpple Group. Today FIBRO employees are active worldwide in the fields of standard parts and rotary tables. Fibro India has 10 CNC machines installed at their Chakan plant. 

They have a CIMCO Machine Monitoring system installed on 10 CNC machines. During the first phase, Digitech installed CIMCO Machine Monitoring called MDC (Manufacturing Data Collection) on one CNC machine for about 15 days trial free of cost. In the second phase, Fibro decided to go for a pilot project. The order for CIMCO-MDC was placed for 3 machines in the month of May 2021. The Plant Manager, Mr. Nimbalkar & his production team took initiative to design a "Report Format". Out of 16 losses, Fibro selected 7 losses to be incorporated in this pilot project. The installation was done in about 3 weeks' time. The maintenance team, IT person & supervisors we trained.

During the process, their maintenance person got trained well. Now, he is able to add new downtimes and set the system. 

For quick feedback to the management, Digitech offered a tachometer type of display. It looks like below.

In the month of Nov 2021, Fibro decided to install the same system on 7 machines. Thus there are now 10 machines that are being monitored using CIMCO-Machine Monitoring. 

Tuesday, September 14, 2021

 Machine Monitoring System installed at FIBRO India-Chakan, Pune

This big display is in Plant Manager's cabin. He gets live data of machines. The CIMCO-system monitors the machines 24X7 with every all activity with a second resolution.  

The Production Manager of FIBRO-India gets the production report in excel format, with a single click. At present 3 machines are interfaced. 1) DMG with Sinmerik 840-D control, Haas Turning centre, & Mazak Machining centre. The operator names & downtimes are scanned from each machine, by the barcoded sheet.

The sample of the daily report consists of Operator Names, Availability, Performance & Quality parameters. The Quality is considered as 100% by the system. The load-unload time is taken as a part of the production cycle. The supervisor can decide the allowed time for load-unload. This will vary from machine to machine & from job to job.