Thursday, June 20, 2019

Live Machine Utilization at ULTRA ENGINEERS, Bhosari

In 2017, we installed CIMCO-MDC on 6 machines at UTRA ENGINEERS. All installations were are different plants of ULTRA. Some machines are in Bhosari & some are in Chakan plant. Some of them are Fanuc while other machines are MAZAK. Here are some technical details of this installation. The following video shows the monthly report with detailed OEE of day shift & night shift.

The CNC operator can log in by scanning his name.
The system then records the production to his account.

The sample report is as below- 
This was taken during the trial run. The actual data may be different.

In the system, there is an e-mail alert facility.
See the sample email received

In the same way, SMS alerts are also sent.
Contact for more details.
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Sunday, June 9, 2019

Delta Corporation, Doha : Auto-Email & Auto SMS for low productivity & OEE

Recently Digitech installed CIMCO's "Live OEE & Productivity Monitoring"
System  at Delta-Doha.


There are machines with Focas interface  & Sinumerik 840-D.
On the machine panel, we put on Android TAB through which the operator can
1) Input his Name & Id
2) Enter Job No.
3) Downtime reason code
4) Job Reject
5) Planned Cycle time

The system will generate auto-emails.
The condition for auto-email is pre-defined in the system.
Some sample emails are as below -


In the same way SMS alerts are generated.
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or call +91 7972889960

Monday, June 3, 2019

CIMCO Machine Monitoring System:

CIMCO - MDC will show you MTBF & MTTR. 
The above feature has been installed at some of our recent installations.

In the month of March 2019, Digitech installed IoT Controller in Vishkarma University along with C4i4 Lab who is promoting Industry 4.0 for productivity improvement.

Prof. (Dr.) Yogesh Deshpande,
Director, Center for E-Learning & Industry 4.0,
Director, Unity Center of Excellence,
Vishwakarma University, Pune 
wrote an article as below -

Vishwakarma University Students Develop Remote Product Monitoring System

Using CIMCO Industrial IOT Platform

Friday, December 21, 2018

CIMCO Machine Monitoring at Valveworks-Kolhapur

Digitech installed CIMCO-MDC at Valveworks - Kolhapur. The interface used is FANUC-Focas2 interface. The MDC - PC is kept near the Machine itself. Live data on Desktop screen looks like-
Our Mr. Santosh has given training to all users in the shop floor. The VMC is run for 3 shifts per day. The reports have been configured per shift basis.

The downtime codes were customized on site. The Motorola Bar Code Scanner with RS-232 is being used for downtime scanning. The coded sheet has down times as shown below -

Since the Desktop PC is nearby, they prefer to enter the Job No through Keyboard of MDC-PC.
But one can enter this by scanning through Barcode scanner also.

Saturday, October 13, 2018

Live OEE Display at Milacron - Ahmedabad

Milacron India Pvt Ltd. situated in Ahmedabad (India) is using CIMCO Machine Monitoring System installed by us. Presently they have installed this on 2 CNC Machines. One is having FANUC Focas2 Interface & another machine has Digital I-O interface.

The system calculates the live OEE of each Machine.
The shifts reports are taken. Weekly & Monthly reports are also configured. There is one SMS Modem installed. For certain break down or for certain down times the system sends SMS to concerned officer.

Here is one video to explain the actual usage by Milacron. 

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