Friday, December 21, 2018

CIMCO Machine Monitoring at Valveworks-Kolhapur

Digitech installed CIMCO-MDC at Valveworks - Kolhapur. The interface used is FANUC-Focas2 interface. The MDC - PC is kept near the Machine itself. Live data on Desktop screen looks like-
Our Mr. Santosh has given training to all users in the shop floor. The VMC is run for 3 shifts per day. The reports have been configured per shift basis.

The downtime codes were customized on site. The Motorola Bar Code Scanner with RS-232 is being used for downtime scanning. The coded sheet has down times as shown below -

Since the Desktop PC is nearby, they prefer to enter the Job No through Keyboard of MDC-PC.
But one can enter this by scanning through Barcode scanner also.

Saturday, October 13, 2018

Live OEE Display at Milacron - Ahmedabad

Milacron India Pvt Ltd. situated in Ahmedabad (India) is using CIMCO Machine Monitoring System installed by us. Presently they have installed this on 2 CNC Machines. One is having FANUC Focas2 Interface & another machine has Digital I-O interface.

The system calculates the live OEE of each Machine.
The shifts reports are taken. Weekly & Monthly reports are also configured. There is one SMS Modem installed. For certain break down or for certain down times the system sends SMS to concerned officer.

Here is one video to explain the actual usage by Milacron. 

For more details, call +91 94235 86171
or send email to 

Saturday, July 29, 2017

CIMCO Machine Monitoring is installed at ULTRA ENGINEERS, at Bhosari-Pune.
The reports are customized as per the requirement from ULTRA.
Watch this video

Saturday, July 15, 2017

CIMCO Machine Status Monitoring at Andritz-Palwal, Near Faridabad-India

In Sept 2014, DIGITECH installed Machine Status Monitoring System on 8 CNC Machines at M/s Andritz-Palwal, Near Faridabad (India). Mr. Sanjeev Bahl - Team Leader wanted to monitor all machines, 24 X 7 basis. The machine sizes are very big & so the jobs. Andritz was not much worried about "Part-Cout" on CNC, but wanted to know, "Productive time on each Machine. From each machines, 3 signals were taken for live monitoring. Bar Code scanner was fixed on each CNC. The operator reports back the reason of down time, using the Bar Code scanner.

The above time line of 14th Nov shows the details of each machine, along with time duration. The system gives monthly report as below- No person enters any data in EXCEL sheet.

Mr. sanjeev of Andritz was satisfied with the system.
See this email :

Friday, June 23, 2017

Merging of two MDC systems from 2 different locations to one location at Manweir-Ras Laffan-Qatar

Manweir Salwa plant had CIMCO-MDC installed about a year back. Manweir Ras Laffan also had CIMCO-MDC. Now, Manweir shifted all the machine shop to Ras Laffan plant. Digitech was invited to merge two systems in to one MDC covering total 9 CNC machines. 
All machines are interfaced with wi-fi technology. In order to cover all machines, the main wi-fi access point was re-located at suitable point on the wall. Email alerts were re-configured. If any machines is stopped for more than one hour, the system sends email as below. The recipients can be decided. 
The reports were modified as per the requirements from the D. G. M. 
Daily, weekly & Monthly reports are generated automatically in EXCEL format, with out any manual data entry. Some of the reports during trials are as below-

The live display of productivity is now shown on a big size TV in the shop floor. 

Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Fanuc Robodrill & Haas VMC are being monitored by CIMCO-MDC using Wi-Fi in Thailand

This is a CNC Shop at SUS-Thailand. You can see Haas VMC. On left side there is a office cabin. Haas VMC & Fanuc Robodrill machines are connected by Wi-Fi technology to a remote desktop-PC. CIMCO Machine Monitoring Software is installed in the Desktop-PC. 

Both machines are monitored 24 X 7 basis on an unmanned computer. The CNC Operators have one Android Tablet with them. When any machine is under down time, the operator selects the reason code on the android based tablet. This is also connected to un manned PC by wi-fi. Thus machine utilization & productivity reports are generated automatically in EXCEL. Further details can be obtained by sending a request to 

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Wi-Fi DNC and Machine Utilization by CIMCO-MDC, at Manweir-Doha, Qatar

Manweir LLC was established in 1976 and is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Mannai Corporation in Doha, Qatar.Manweir’s large Machine shop in the Mannai complex is well equipped to cater to the needs of the Oil & Gas and petrochemical industries in Qatar and nearby GCC states. The machine shop has heavy duty and precision machine tools including CNC machines, specialising in the Machining & Threading of OCTG including Manufacture, Repair & Remanufacture. Digitech installed wi-fi DNC on all CNC machines, along with CIMCO MDC, Machine Data Collection. Before this installation, all the part programs were being sent to CNC by flash cards. The production report was being generated by manual entry in EXCEL sheet. Now, all reports are generated by CIMCO-MDC directly taking the data from respective CNC. Each CNC has one MDC hardware fitted near the CNC Control Panel.

When the machine goes under down time, the operator scans a reason code from the Bar Code Scanner fixed near to his CNC.

The bar code sheet is as shown. It is customizable on site. Sample reports are shown.


For more details, contact, or call 94235 86171