Thursday, June 20, 2019

Live Machine Utilization at ULTRA ENGINEERS, Bhosari

In 2017, we installed CIMCO-MDC on 6 machines at UTRA ENGINEERS. All installations were are different plants of ULTRA. Some machines are in Bhosari & some are in Chakan plant. Some of them are Fanuc while other machines are MAZAK. Here are some technical details of this installation. The following video shows the monthly report with detailed OEE of day shift & night shift.

The CNC operator can log in by scanning his name.
The system then records the production to his account.

The sample report is as below- 
This was taken during the trial run. The actual data may be different.

In the system, there is an e-mail alert facility.
See the sample email received

In the same way, SMS alerts are also sent.
Contact for more details.
Or call 7972889960

Sunday, June 9, 2019

Delta Corporation, Doha : Auto-Email & Auto SMS for low productivity & OEE

Recently Digitech installed CIMCO's "Live OEE & Productivity Monitoring"
System  at Delta-Doha.


There are machines with Focas interface  & Sinumerik 840-D.
On the machine panel, we put on Android TAB through which the operator can
1) Input his Name & Id
2) Enter Job No.
3) Downtime reason code
4) Job Reject
5) Planned Cycle time

The system will generate auto-emails.
The condition for auto-email is pre-defined in the system.
Some sample emails are as below -


In the same way SMS alerts are generated.
For more details contact
or call +91 7972889960